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Yoga Nidra

Explore ~ Restore ~ Rejuvenate
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"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

-Carl Jung

Nidra for Transformation

Nidra for Personal Growth and Transformation

Yoga Nidra translates to "Yogic Sleep," and can be considered a brief, guided relaxation process that moves active, conscious awareness through the five "bodies" and the four phases of sleep. As the body and mind rest among ever slower brain wave states, we begin to access deep states of rejuvenation and healing, and subconscious layers of belief, thinking, and behavior. 


Some of the greatest minds in history regularly utilized these brief, intense "napping" states, not only for rest and rejuvenation, but to access their highest potential by plugging into the source of consciousness and the collective experience for their most inspired ideas, discoveries and motivation:

Notorious Nappers:


*Margaret Thatcher

*Albert Einstein

*Sir Isaac Newton

*Salvador Dali

*Winston Churchill

*Leonardo Da Vinci

*Napoleon Bonaparte

*Thomas Edison​

Yoga Nidra can be customized and designed to help you experience exponential growth and transformation in every area of your life.

What could intentional rest

change for you?

Nidra for Healing

Therapeutic Application of Nidra for Stress Relief, Mental, Physical, Energetic and Emotional Healing

It's very difficult to live a simple life in

these modern times. We have many conveniences, but somehow manage to spend more energy and accomplish less everyday. We are more disconnected

from supportive networks and the

rhythms of nature than ever, and

coupled with rapidly changing technology and information overload, we are stressed

and spent, and it's making us sick. 

Couple this exhaustion with heightened nervous system responses from repeated or traumatic stress, and we can recognize the perfect combination to result in complete depletion, compromised

function and a breakdown of health.​

How Can Yoga Nidra Help?


*Yoga Nidra is deeply restful and restorative, and is immediately impactful

in as little as 15 minutes

* Yoga Nidra practice provides a safe space to work with physical, energetic, emotional and mental health concerns

* Regular Yoga Nidra relaxations can help restore balance and function to nervous system responses

*Mindfulness practices like Yoga Nidra are proven to positively impact stress-induced illnesses

*Nidra can ease the strain of difficult life experiences, transitions, and chronic pain

Do you need restful relief?

Nidra the State

The Ultimate Reality

At the heart of every individual is the innate, unconscious desire for complete freedom from all strain, obligation, and pain, and to return to the bliss of our Source. Its why we love the comfort and abandon of deep and restful sleep so much! Our next closest experience to it is the stillness of meditation, but even that can be clouded with the busy, random thoughts of our modern "Monkey Minds."

The Yoga Nidra practice is a deeply impactful tool that trains our awareness to guide us to the state of Yoga Nidra; this is the union with the sense of Quiet that's beyond our experience of identity and thoughts.


What does Yoga Nidra Feel Like?

In Yoga Nidra, we learn to stay aware through each level of consciousness in a long, guided relaxation-- when we are awake, then in a dream-like state, when we are experiencing deep sleep, and finally in the state "beyond" sleep, when we abandon identity to oblivion. 


This is where the deepest healing and restoration of the body and mind happen, and when coupled with a sense of awareness, it's where we are closest to the ultimate spiritual aim of Yoga, blissful union with the Divine.

The sense of peace and rest you experience is immediate, lasting, and deeply rejuvenating, and can inform all mindfulness practices in your life.

Are you called to deepen

your experience?

The Practice and State of Yoga Nidra

Deep Relaxation combined with Attentive Awareness to explore the Body, Mind, Spirit through the Four States of Consciousness

Establishing Awareness

An important part of Yoga is the development of your awareness, not just physically, but also energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Regular Yoga Nidra can quickly and easily advance your experience in every aspect of growth in a Yoga practice.

Nervous System Regulation

Modern life can be a stressful endeavor, and most people are struggling with overactive, overtaxed nervous systems. A regular Yoga Nidra practice can help rest your nervous system and restore it's healthy function, making it easier to keep calm under pressure, and also to fall asleep more easily and wake more rested.

The Layers of Your Being

The relaxing, guided format of Yoga Nidra moves your awareness among each layer of your being, through the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to give you a more integrated experience of your self as you move through each day. 

The Four States of Consciousness

According to ancient Eastern texts, Yogis recognize four states of consciousness. In the first, we are awake, in the second, we experience the transitory "dreamlike" state between being awake and the third state of deep sleep. The fourth state is called Turiya, which means "that which is beyond," or the "nothingness" that exists beyond deep sleep. In Yoga Nidra, awareness is maintained through each of these states as students are guided to rest. These states are similar to Western concepts of various brainwave states.

Bliss Point

Through the guided, relaxing flow of Yoga Nidra, it's possible to reach and surpass the deepest and most pure states of bliss. This joyful sense of ease and expansive, soulful connection can also help to guide and form a better meditation experience for you.

Deepest Healing

Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down (or reclined), so it's appropriate and accessible for anyone in any condition to use as a deeply healing practice. Not only is it physically and mentally restorative for improved vitality and immunity, it is also capable of providing deep, stabilizing emotional access, integration, and growth.

Kind Words

"I attended Jamie’s Yoga Nidra class as part of a yoga teacher retreat.  Jamie has a soothing voice and made it easy for me to slip into a relaxed, half-dreaming state of Yoga Nidra; it was an excellent session!"

— B.B.


Curious About Exploring Yoga Nidra in Your Life or Business?

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