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"One who is established in self, who has balanced tendencies, balanced digestion, properly formed tissues, proper elimination of waste, well-functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are happy is called a healthy person."

- Sushruta Samhita, 15.38


Sama dosah samagnis ca sama dhatu mala kriyah prasannamendriya manah vastha ityabhidhiyate.

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Ayurveda to Align

Understand your Elemental Signature to Align with Nature and Purpose

Ayurveda is Yoga's Health and Wellness system, and is based on the philosophy that everything in existence is a combination of the 5 elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These elements pair up to create biological tendencies called the "Doshas" of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha:

Vata Types have more space and air, with a slight build and small, thin, or irregular features and frames (very tall or shorter). They have light appetites and lesser endurance, and may regularly feel cold and dry. They are creative and sensitive, but can be "spacey" or have their "head in the clouds." 


Pitta Types have more fire and water, with a medium build, compact musculature and symmetrical features. They can have freckles, flushed or oily skin, strong appetites, and enjoy working, but can "burn out" by working too hard/much. They are charismatic and passionate leaders, but can also be "hot-headed" or "sharp-tongued."

Kapha Types have more water and earth, with larger body frames, strong, well-developed muscles, and sturdy joints. They have full, round features, and are slower moving but have excellent endurance. They are nurturing and "down to earth," but can be stubborn and get "stuck in the mud." 

What's your elemental make up?

Ayurveda to Empower

Learn a Simple, Ancient Science to Take
Your Health in Your Hands

Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest scientific medical system in the world, and is thought of as a living science, meaning it's based on the study of life, and it leaves room for modern advancements and

modern ailments, covering every aspect of medicine including psychology. 

How is Ayurveda Different?

* Ayurveda is easy to understand and apply at every age and stage of life, bringing balance through

Opposite Therapy.


*Support plans are designed around your Big Picture, so care is completely customized for success.

* Ayurveda can perfectly integrate natural support with an existing plan from your medical team.

* Using simple changes to diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda utilizes the awesome power of daily routine to improve your clarity, sleep, digestion, immunity, and longevity from the inside out.

In a time of constant evolution, the ancient system of Ayurveda truly allows you to steady yourself in a dependable science and to hold your own health in your own hands. 

Ready for Radiant Wellness?

Ayurveda to Support

Use Nature to Recover, Maintain, and Support Your Health and Wellness

According to Ayurveda, there is no such thing as an "overnight" illness​--each state of dis-ease in the body is a combination of causative factors and a predictable progression of the illness over time.

Our bodies and minds were designed intelligently to work with natural cycles of light, season, and time of life, and when we stray too far from what supports our health, we begin to see the impact of disease. Instead of just managing symptoms of deeper problems, Ayurveda aims to treat the cause at the source to avoid further progression, and to rebuild and rejuvenate the body for true healing and wellness.

Simple lifestyle and dietary changes like these can help you align with the nature within and around you:

* Simple additions of certain spices can improve digestion and well-being

* Changes to timing of meals, work, rest, and sleep can improve bodily function

* Cleansing activities like body brushing can impact mental clarity

* Self-care practices like oil massage to feet can improve sleep quality

* Specific breathing or movement practices can restore energy and focus and improve resilience and immunity

How can I support you?

The Spiritual Science of Ayurveda

A self-empowering system for health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit

Understand Your
Elemental Energetics 

Understand your original, elemental design, how to work with your inherent strengths and tendencies, and how to recognize imbalance. Learn to thrive by aligning with your Nature.

Nourish with Balance

Many things contribute to imbalance in life, including attachment, the "waste" of inefficient digestion, and modern living. Learn to apply opposite therapy to soothe, restore, nourish, and balance your life.

Ayurveda works in conjunction with your current Mental Healthcare plan, and can provide a deeper understanding of your condition. Learn valuable  tools to support body, mind, and Spirit on your journey to improved stability and wellness.

Manage Mental Health
on Every Plane 
Build Your Reserves and Immunity

You were designed intelligently to react or respond to stress, and then to quickly recover to a state of balance and ease. Unfortunately, regular exposure to repeated, extreme, or sustained stresses can result in an overactive nervous system that's forgotten how to reset and recuperate. This results in poor sleep and self-regulation, a decline in our capacity for Self-care, compromised digestion, and "burn out" that readily taxes our physical, energetic, mental, and emotional reserves, leaving immunity wasted. Learn to rest, restore and build resilience for better health and stability. 

Modern conveniences have resulted in more discontent, disconnection, and dis-regulation than ever before, challenging circadian rhythms and impairing sleep, digestion, and wellness. Learn to find more simplicity, ease, joy, and success by tuning in to supportive daily routines.

Stoke Transformative Fire

Digestion, Metabolism, Nourishment, Transformation and Elimination on every level is powered by a healthy digestive fire, or 'Agni.' Fortunately, regulating digestion that is too slow, too dry, or too hot and fast can be accomplished quickly to immediately improve functional health. Learn to fan the fires of strong, healthy Agni to improve every aspect of your wellness.

Regulate with Routine

Kind Words

"Jamie is an amazing yoga teacher! Her teaching style is inviting to everyone, and always informative and uplifting. Her passion for Ayurveda shines through in all the ways that she brings this amazing healing modality to the world. As a Yoga Nidra instructor her love of this deep practice comes through in her soothing and calm approach. She's the best!"

— A.M.

Curious About Exploring Ayurveda in Your Life or Business?

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