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"Yoga does not transform the way we see things. It transforms the person who sees."

- B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga Stretches

Yoga for Transformation

Strengthen, Stabilize and Grow

There are a millions reasons to start a Yoga practice! Yoga is a phenomenal system for inner and outer growth, because it meets you exactly where you are and benefits every layer of your being.


What can you expect from starting a regular Yoga practice?

* Better body awareness and posture

* Improved stress management

* Better balance and flexibility

* Greater physical strength/endurance

* Easier relaxation and better sleep

* Better digestion and more energy

* Improved confidence and self esteem

* Back pain relief

* Better management of chronic pain

* Better mental health and moods

* Preparation for/easier rehabilitation from surgical procedures


No matter your age or ability level, Yoga is for you!  Let's work together to find the best way to get started and to meet your personal goals. 

Yoga for Expansion

Develop a Wider Worldview

Although the science of Yoga is over 5,000 years old, the "postural yoga" we know today is only about 100 years old. Yoga is so much more than poses in classes! It is an entire philosophy and way of thinking and living that can grow and advance your mindset.

How else is Yoga practiced?

* Mindfulness and meditation practices

* Volunteering in any capacity

* Action for the greater good

* Devotional practices, like prayer and chanting (also, religious devotion)

* Spiritual Study (any scriptures)

* Self-study and introspection

* Living in alignment with Purpose

Many people are already have "Yoga" in their lives, so exploring our thoughts and actions in a new light can help us find more clarity, direction, and purpose.

How do YOU Yoga?

Yoga for Union

Get to Know Your Self

At the core of every person is a being of Light--you might call this your Soul or Spirit, and we are all from the same source. It's when we forget that we're part of something bigger that our lives are filled with loneliness, attachment, ignorance, and suffering. Yoga was intuited to create a path toward reconnecting with that inner "Self" or sense of spirit, regardless of religion.

How can Yoga support spiritual awareness and development?

* Prepare the body and mind for quiet introspection and Meditation

* Discover time-tested, ancient texts for modern insight

* Explore various philosophies to complement and expand on your current spiritual or religious practices.

* Develop awareness of connection

 within your family and community

* Find beauty and meaning in the simple things in life and slow down

* Learn how to identify your personal path to purpose, contentment, prosperity, and joy.

Are you ready for MORE in life?

The Science and System of Yoga

The 8-Limbed Journey Through Transformation for Realization

Expansive Philosophy

For too many of us, learning and growth are abandoned for distractions like TV and media, but our only limits for expanded consciousness are the edges of awareness. Live a focused and vibrant life with Yoga.

Physical Transformation

We have more information than ever about the human body, yet we all still suffer the strain of the tremendous stress of living in our modern society. Use yoga classes to balance, strengthen, stabilize, and transform your body and its systems. 

Mental Stillness and Clarity

Modern life has filled our minds with ceaseless, empty chatter and noise from each of our senses. Exercise your ability to still and clear the mind by developing better awareness.

Dynamic Path to Self-Realization

At the core of every human is an individual expression of the Divine, like unique waves atop the great ocean of which we're all a part--some call this ocean God, Nature, or Consciousness. That unchanging Light within us has been hidden and forgotten, which ultimately leads to our suffering, attachment, and loneliness. Yoga is a complete spiritual system for Realizing, or making Real, this True inner self. Regain personal acceptance, reverence, and Self-Love for the betterment of yourself, humanity and the world.

Mindful Meditation

It's the mind's job to process the input and output of our daily existence, but unchecked, the mind can become an unruly circus of noise and actvity. Live in the moment with quiet focus and appreciation and still your "Monkey Mind" with Mindful Meditation practices.

Right Living

No matter your current mindset, lifestyle, and habits, it's possible to live with more mindfulness and intention,
and to align with your inherent state of bliss and your soul's purpose for your highest good. Learn about the foundational aspects of Yoga that include living in harmony in the world and in yourself.

Kind Words

"I was nervous to begin a yoga practice, but Jamie made me feel very comfortable with each of the poses, and like I belonged on the mat. This is huge for me, and I can see this being the start of a lifelong relationship with moving mindfully."

— I.H.


Curious About Adding Yoga to Your Life or Business?


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