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"Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not."


The Power of Fire

Harnessing Transformation

Since the dawn of man, the power of Fire to transform has been recognized and utilized in daily life and in sacred ceremonies in countless cultures around the world. Whether used for warmth and protection from wild animals, as circles for teaching and community, as agricultural burns for transforming the land and returning nutrients to the soil, as spiritual or tribal rites, or for something as simple as cooking meals, fire has long fascinated man and been an integral part of the human experience and civilization.

Modern conveniences have moved us away from a utilitarian need to build or sit with fire (how many of us make popcorn over flames?), but there is something special and beneficial about engaging directly with one of the raw elements of existence. Agni Hotra is a simple and ancient type of fire ceremony, also called Havan or Homa, that gives anyone the opportunity to reconnect with this powerful essence in a meaningful way.

What is Agni Hotra?

The Dynamic Energies 
of Sunrise and Sunset

Agni Hotra is a simple and accessible fire ceremony from the beautiful ancient Indian culture. It is a short,

10-15 minute practice that aligns with the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset.

Anyone can perform this ancient ritual, regardless of any spiritual or religious affiliation. It involves using a specially sized and shaped copper pyramid and copper tools, and burning a small amount of dried cow dung, ghee, and raw brown rice. At the exact time of sunrise/sunset, a short Sanskrit mantra is chanted, and the powerful vibration of the mantra, combined with the tremendous amount of energy harnessed during the transitory times of dawn or dusk, are contained in and emanate from the pyramid and the remaining ash until it is disturbed.

Both the practice and mantra are short and easy to learn and perform, and many resources are available to support you. See the Resource Guide here!

Benefits of Agni Hotra

Change the World
from Your Backyard

Agni Hotra can easily be practiced in your backyard or even on a porch or balcony.  While it is a subtly energetic practice, it is nonetheless powerful and impactful on very gross levels as well. The practice itself is beneficial, but the resulting ash also has a number of incredible applications. 

How Is Agni Hotra Helpful?


*Agni Hotra helps purify the atmosphere and environment in your home, yard, or neighborhood and has even been studied for neutralizing radiation and pollutants

* It effectively supports plants, animals, and water health, growth, and wellness where performed

 * It improves overall health, energy, and immunity, reduces stress, improves clarity of thought and function


These benefits impact every person and living thing within a two mile radius of where it is practiced.

The Ancient Science of Havan

Traditional, Healing Fire Ceremonies

Subtle Healing Support

Agni Hotra offers subtle healing support for body, mind, and spirit, improving clarity, function, and wellbeing. It also encourages a mindset more full of love and compassion.

Homa Farming Practices

Homa Farming is a variation of Agni Hotra, where specific mantras are said at specific times at a sacred fire to produce purifying and nurturing results for soils and animals in  agricultural settings. This is a global movement with scientifically proven results.

Accessible Service

Agni Hotra is a practice that has immediate benefits in the community and the environment around you, and it is easily performed by anyone interested in contributing to a greater cause.

Heal Your Community and Environment

A regular practice of Agni Hotra at sunrise and sunset is believed to harness the clarifying and unifying energies of life. These are then funneled into the surrounding atmosphere and also into the resulting ash, which can then be used medicinally, and with plants and animals. This has a powerfully supportive, neutralizing, and balancing effect on all life and nature within a 2-mile radius of where it is performed, including bodies of water.

Energetic Change

The Havan, or fire ceremony,

can also be used outside of sunrise or sunset with different mantras, and can be used to change the energetic qualities of any indoor or outdoor space, subtly clarifying negativity and creating energetic harmony.


Reserving time to perform Agni Hotra each morning and evening offers tremendous benefits for managing stress. It also helps to start the day with intention, and adds an anchor point each evening during which to spend time in quiet contemplation and observation.

Curious About Exploring Agni Hotra?

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