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Transforming Modern Wellness through the Ancient Indian Sciences

of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Yoga Nidra

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Free 10 Minute

Connection Call

10 Minutes      Free      

Have some questions about how private Yoga, Nidra, or Ayurveda Sessions can help you personally? Are you brand new to yoga and looking for an accessible and approachable guide? Are you a current practitioner looking to deepen your experience? Would you like to integrate natural wellness into an existing medical plan? Let's schedule a brief call to connect about your needs and how we can work together to get them met.

Initial Private Ayurveda Inquiry and Evaluation

90 Minutes       $108*


The ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda is a simple and fascinating practice that empowers us to take our health and wellness into our own hands. Your initial Private Ayurveda session includes an introduction to the science in bite-sized and easy to understand terms, the one-on-one attention that your concerns and conditions deserve, and a personalized plan to start moving into alignment with feeling better. An intake/discovery form are provided in advance of the appointment, and follow-up protocol is provided after. Why delay your wellness?

Let's work together today.

*Please contact me directly with any concerns about payment

Herbs and Spices
Yoga Mat and Straps

Private Ayurveda, Yoga, or Yoga Nidra Appointment

60 Minutes           $75, or 4 for $250*

The benefits of including Ayurveda, Yoga, and Yoga Nidra in your life range from improved rest, digestion, sleep, energy, strength, balance, flexibility, less pain, better mental health, and smoother stress responses, to better over-all wellness, personal growth, happiness, and more. They truly impact every facet of your mind, body, and spirit! There are also many ways to incorporate these sciences into your daily routines that don't involve movement. If you are ready to design and explore a new path to your health and well-being, I would be honored to join you on the journey.

*Please contact me directly with any concerns about payment

Initial Ayurveda Session
Private Sessons

Business and Medical Partnerships

Inquiry Call       Free     


Businesses today work hard to provide meaningful perks and benefits for their staff, but also seek out options that will provide a return by way of increased creativity, innovation, well-being, retention, and morale. Adding options for Yoga and Ayurveda will improve your organization from the inside out. Contact me to learn more!

With patient concerns about rising medical costs, the demand for integrative and complementary healthcare options is growing at an astounding rate. Developing a partnership with AyurYoga Alchemy can provide your medical staff with a working understanding of Ayurvedic wellness concepts, and offering personalized, in-house Ayurvedic services to patients can improve their experiences and wellness outcomes. Contact me today to learn more about Holistic Medical Liaison Services!

Business Medical Collaboration
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