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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

I've never been as aware of my shrine

as a home and not the entirity of me

It's windows just my eyes

It's walls my bones and sinew

so busy with the scenery, the neighbors and all their stories

what leaves fell today

is there rain

that I've not yet Known the splendor

of the space inside

it's not the walls nor the flooring nor the lights

it's not the fine furnishings and incense

that make this shrine a space for divinity

it's me

I've got to dust away the webs

light flames of ghee and rice

polish my finery with sweat and tears

appreciate and appreciate

to uphold and nourish the space that was given

I am not my home but my home is my home

the shrine for my worship

the worship is Love

I am Love

I am That

I am

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