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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

My eyes are heavy with unshed disappointment

My mind a maze of every possible entrance and exit

Because the way you shine made me think you could be a star

Cold, untouchable, brilliant

But you’re just a human

My skin is hot with mirrored shame

My tongue thick with unanswerable questions

Because the way you speak made me think you knew the Truth

Steadfast, honest, consummate

But you’re just a human

My throat is crowded with many captured sighs

My breath slim under the weight of my shoulders

Because the way you stand made me think you were upright

Staid, elegant, United

But you’re just a human

My Ideal is diminished from this fractured faith

My vision, spattered with the dirt of your reality

Because the way I believed made me think you were more

Everything, something, anything

But just a human

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