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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

My heart

Oh, my heart, crushed

The space around collapsed

Succumbed to the gravity

of my anguish,

the weight of the world's

My cheeks parched salt beds

the moisture gone with my breath

Frozen--it seems there's never been another moment than this

but for me it's been only a moment

for my brothers and sisters it's been an eternity

How is that that I've ever walked with such blindness?

Lost breath and tears could never be enough

but by seeing and hearing and feeling I can tread a better path

If wounds are where the light comes in,

Let us all lay them bare

Let us listen without judgement

Let us hear without defense

Let us feel without reservation

Let us see without ignorance

Let us love without condition

Let us recognize our souls in the soul of every other and heal these wounds which are our own

May we rise united into the light of Truth

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