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Kali, the wild, dark goddess

You hide your whims in heartbreak

In the steady trickle of water across stone

In secret words, whispers unspoken

To know your language is to abandon the mother-tongue

I looked for you in storms

I looked for you in eruptions

I looked for you in collapse

I looked for your force, a show

But to find you, silent, wild-eyed, staring


my blind reflection

Becoming witness of the shame-filled

nakedness i hide is

more shattering, more fearsome

than all

Truth is your delicate destruction

I lie

I cheat

I abandon

I withhold

I betray

Worse, I make filthy sacrifice

of a goddess, of a gift, of a purpose

for fear, for illusion, for no thing

Help me burn this veil

Help me slice these ties

Help me wreck these walls

Help me destroy this world

Help me break the false legs upon which I stand

Build anew with burnt shards, with rubble, with blood, with defeat

this offering

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